Professional Standards

Myself.Health is a telemedicine remote patient monitoring (RPM) service for Medicare patients diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. An RPM team under the guidance of a Medical Supervisor tracks patient blood sugar levels and provides guidance on lifestyle modification and encourages medication and blood sugar adherence. Communication with patients is billed in accordance with CMS policy.

Prior to enrollment, each patient has a telemedicine visit with the Medical Supervisor to determine if the patient meets specific eligibility criteria that exclude patients who may be too healthy or too sick for the service. Prior consent is obtained to obtain and screen each patient’s records and to communicate directly with their Primary Care Physician.

The Primary Care Physician retains control of medication management and is appropriately notified of changes in the patient’s blood sugar readings that warrant an evaluation or change in treatment. Alerts and escalation pathways for hypoglycemic, hyperglycemic, and out-of-range blood sugar levels have been designed in accordance with the American Diabetes Association guidelines.