Care from Myself.Health

Provides remote health monitoring for people with chronic conditions

  • Get a blood sugar or blood pressure meter at no cost to you, or use your existing CGM.
  • Daily measurement of your blood sugar or blood pressure will improve your health and help avoid problems.
  • Our meters have built-in cellular phones so measurements taken in your home are instantly shared with your Myself.Health care team.

MD-led Medical Team

  • Your care is a team effort led by Dr. Scanlon.
  • She will call you for a 15-minute medical consultation to determine if we can provide the care you need to help manage your chronic condition.
  • She will ask about your medical history, medications, and your health goals.

Advice and understanding to help you live better

  • Care of your chronic condition is better if it's frequent and personal.
  • Your analyst gets to know you and how your condition affects your life.
  • They will help you achieve your health goals and better manage your condition.
  • We complement your PCP and work with them to improve your care.
  • Most patients see real improvement in their measures and avoid emergencies.